– Senior Choir –

CCNF has an active senior choir ranging in age from high school student and above.  The choir sings every Sunday between the first weekend after Labor Day until the end of June.  They also sing for extra services on Easter and Christmas, and also special services during the church year –  Maundy Thursday and Ash Wednesday.  
The Choir also holds it’s only special Sunday Service they call ‘Music Sunday’ where they celebrate the wonderful music that inspires our church.  During this service, our choir leader, Carl Anderson, give an inspirational message intertwined with beautiful anthems and hymns chosen by the congregation. 

Choir Practice is held every Thursday at 7:30 p.m.  The choir also meets for a quick practice at 9:00 a.m. prior to Sunday services

– Ageless Bells –

Our Bell Choir includes is very diverse, inviting ringers of all ages to participate.  Carl easily instructs anyone to ring a tune.  Our Ageless Bells group performs at various times throughout the church year.

– Drumming Circle –

– CCNF Summer Youth Theatre –

CCNF has put on a musical play every summer since 1996! Auditions open to all youth in the community and surrounding areas.  Please click button below which will bring you to the “CCNF Musical Youth Theater” website with all the information on our summer theater.
Click here for CCNF Summer Youth Theater Website