We will be meeting for 8 weeks, via Zoom, beginning this Tuesday, February 23 – April 13 at 7pm  There will be a focus on a word within each of the last “seven words” which are actually phrases or statements. For those who like to be creative, there are also coloring sheets to go along with each class. Now don’t judge coloring sheets as childish!

They are wonderful ways to immerse yourself in another part of your brain, meditate or shift your focus. Please let Pastor Liz know that you would like to join the group. (email pastor@nfcongregational.org or text/call 203-240-3325) You can pick up the materials or we will send you the devotion guide and coloring sheets for the all the weeks. All are welcome to join, no pre-requisites or requirements, just an interest in learning together and exploring our faith.