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Those who quarantined together, worship together!

  1. Please practice social distancing and closely monitor small children.
  2. If you are able, please come with your own folding/soccer chair(s).
  3. As this is our 1st worship service with social distancing, please arrive early to secure a comfortable spot for you and/or your family.
  4. Please be aware that certain portions of the parking lot abutting the outdoor sanctuary will be used for additional seating and will be sectioned off with cones.
  5. Masks must be worn at all times. Hand sanitizer will be available at the entrance of the outdoor sanctuary.
  6. Please ask for assistance from a member of the Worship and Ministry Team, who will be ushering this Sunday, if you are unsure about selecting a bench or seating arrangement that is properly distanced.
  7. A collection basket will be placed at the entrance of the outdoor sanctuary. Contributions can be made as you enter or exit.
  8. We encourage all those who attend to use their bathrooms at home, but in case of an emergency, please use the 1st floor bathroom located in Pilgrim Hall. Directions will be visible and disinfectant spray/wipes will be available.
  9. Feedback– We have done our very best to manage a safe and spiritual atmosphere for your 1st Sunday back for outdoor worship, but we would appreciate any feedback as to how to make it even better. Your input is very important to us!

We look forward to worshipping with you!