In this unfortunate time of Covid19 we are unable to have our Angel Tree the same way we do other years but… the needs are still there and our church will still be helping! We will be giving Gift Cards as requested by the agencies we are working with again this year. As always, we will be helping families, seniors and at risk youth.
We need $25 Gift Cards to groceries stores like Stop & Shop, Shoprite and NF Food Center, large stores like Walmart and Target, for a book store Barnes & Noble and some gift cards to a local diner. You may contribute any amount towards the purchase of the $25 Gift Cards or you can purchase a $25 Gift Card yourself. If purchased for us, please tape the activation receipt to the back of the card.
Thank you to all those who have given to the MissionTeam. Your donation can be mailed directly to the church or dropped off during the week. Please note it is for Missions. You can also give online via the Give+ app to the Mission Fund. Thank you for your generous support.
Thank you for supporting our ministries at the Congregational Church of New Fairfield!