Executive Council

We may appear to be an average-sized church, but we make a super-sized impact when we come together to do God’s work. With 20-plus active teams and committees reaching out in spiritual connection to our members and neighbors, we coordinate through each team’s participation in monthly Executive Council meetings. The elected lay leaders of each team comprise the Executive Council, which is led by an elected Moderator. Executive Council is the policy-making/program-planning team, though meetings are open to any church member and significant issues are voted on by all church members at open quarterly meetings. We strive for a inclusive organization, without cumbersome layers that can insulate people and projects. We move quickly and get things done. Jerry Gay is Church Moderator, and can help you find the right niche when you feel moved to join the important work of our church.

Christian Education Team

The youth of our Church are our most precious resource and as such we have developed many programs for all ages.  There is infant care in our nursery and Church School for ages 5-14 during Sunday Worship.  We offer Confirmation Class for 9th grader’s, plus 9-12th graders joining our Senior High Youth Mission Trip each summer (Parents Welcome too!).  We have additional programs of Compassionate Kids for ages 5-10 that deal with putting compassionate faith into action at an early age.  We have an active Middle School Youth Group that has a wide array of activities that bring Fun into faith based initiatives.  Youth may help assist on providing food baskets, go on field trips, perform skits or songs during Worship and learn about our Faith in terms that they can understand.  No matter what age your child may be, or what their faith background might be, we have a place for them in one of our Christian Education programs.  Contact our youth director to get your child involved today.      


Behind our church building and beautiful grounds stands the hard work of the trustee team. Trustees are elected lay members of the congregation who bring knowledge and enthusiasm to the stewardship of our facilities. They work to keep the brick-and-mortar aspect of our church intact so the weather stays out and the heat stays in. We are not a church that values extra bells-and-whistles; our physical framework provides ample space for us to come together for worship and fellowship, and for community groups to come in to find meeting space. On any given day you may find a trustee painting, changing light bulbs or filters, in the office negotiating a lease on equipment, planning a new capital project, or authorizing bill payments. Trustees work closely with our pastor and congregation to keep all systems running smoothly. Interested in stepping up to get involved? Contact any current trustee: Mats Engstrom, Brian Johannssen, Jacki Cooper, Todd Lovejoy or Caren Carpenter.

Worship & Ministry

Our church services connect us with meaning and inspiration as we pray together listening for God in our lives. Services may be outside in our garden chapel at sunrise or inside the sanctuary lit by candlelight; celebrating a baptism or confirmation; or joining us in communion or comfort. We come together in time-honored traditions and fresh perspectives. This team’s reach goes beyond on-site logistics that support our pastor and minister of music, to serving people’s individual needs at home for care, comfort and compassion. Worship & Ministry offers so many opportunities to make a difference in the life of the church, starting with single tasks that can be worked around even the busiest schedules. The Worship & Ministry team would love a chance to find a way to put your God-given talents to use in serving others.

Missions Team

This is the team where you’ll see our faith in action in service to others. Technically, there are three elected lay members on the team. Realistically, the entire congregation mobilizes whenever the mission team puts out the call for help. Whether a call for warm coats, hot meals, supplies for backpacks, home repairs, or a party for children in foster care, we make it a priority to share God’s bounty. This team is so effective at making the most of every donation that we have earned the support of people and businesses that have no connection at all to our church, but believe in what we do. If you would like to help out – no church membership necessary – we have projects in town, in downtown Danbury, in Appalachia and many places in between. Contact Sue Webb to find out where the need is most urgent, and how you can help. It doesn’t take much time or money to make a big impact, and you’ll be surprised how good it feels to make a difference.

Outdoor Ministries

As part of our outdoor Chapel Area, there is the Martha Fairchild Memorial Gardens.  Designed with plants and flowers mentioned in the Bible, along with tasteful benches and walkways, this garden area presents a quiet meditative peaceful area.  Bordering the Gardens is the Memorial Wall where the cremated remains of loved ones may be interned.  Our Worship moves outside into this space each summer so we can enjoy the burst and color in this sacred place of Worship.  This wonderful space is open to the entire community 24-hours a day.