We hope that you will spend some time here and get to know a little bit about the Congregational Church of New Fairfield, United Church of Christ. We are a contemporary, caring, vital, and inclusive community of faith, whose roots go back to the pilgrims and the founding of our country. Our worship is rich in tradition. However, as part of the United Church of Christ, the Congregational Church of New Fairfield, is not stuck in the past, on the contrary, despite our historical appearance, our theology is progressive.

One of the mottos of the UCC is, “Our Faith is 2,000 years old, our thinking is not.”

What surprises many people is our wonderful combination of tradition and progressive thinking that makes the us unique.  As a denomination, and as people, we affirm the essentials of faith, but allow plenty of room for questions, doubts, debates, discussions, sharing our faith journeys, and soul searching.

As people who understand that “God is Still Speaking” we recognize that God still has much to reveal to us. We believe that scripture is inspired by God, but has human fingerprints all over it. We are willing to wrestle with ourselves, and each other, to find what God’s word has to say to us, in our time and place, taking into account the history, audience, author, and social setting of the original context. 

We seek to celebrate the rich diversity that opens up our faith.  ALL are welcome. There are few places in today’s society that allow a safe space to speak the truth in love, to disagree, and still come together in worship, mission, and fellowship.

As a pastor, I have seen many people walk in our door, not surprised to experience the traditional worship service; but very much surprised to find the progressive expression of faith wrapped in so much tradition. More than a few have been delighted, saying, “I didn’t know that churches like this existed!” I never dreamed that I could find a place where I fit in, where I’m accepted for who I am, where I am.”

The Congregational Church of New Fairfield takes this UCC motto very seriously, “No matter who you are or where you are on life’s journey, you are welcome here.”

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